True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

30 Day health program

 Thought I'd drop a note to say that I completed the 30 day challenge, although mine turned into a cut out all junk and red meat for 30 days.  In total I have lost just over a stone and am really proud of myself because I actually completed a 30 day diary.  I always start a food diary but have never ever completed.  I have decided to go another 30 days, this time stepping up my exercise routines and also making an effort to juice from home in the morning rather than buying juice from the shops.  To date this is working well!  Thank you once again Suzy and do include me on any more of your cleansing programmes in the future.   Warm regards   
Pauline Hay
Assistant to Controller – Technology FM&T.  BBC Media and Technology

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