True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

BioMagnetic Energy Therapy - I feel reborn!


Oh my goodness! What a day! Live and dried blood analysis looking at the cells and their health under the microscope to find out if there are parasites, problems with cells or the blood stream, levels of free radical damage, digestion and more. There was of course!

Biochemistry analysis to find out the levels of the body ph's, electrolytes, flow of the digestion fluids, balance of the ANS, protei

n digestion, organ function, tissue health, and the A-Z of health issues that arise what is causing them. 

Medical Biomagnetic therapy using strong magnets and kinesiology to clear any pathogens (bacteria, parasite, fungus and virus) from the body, to correct any disfunctions (such as digestion/thyroid etc), to balance any emotional issues that have stayed in the body and to bring back inspiration and spiritual clarity.

I feel like I have been through the washing machine!! Highest possible recommendation to Suzy Dior for an incredible experience and healing. 4 hours and I feel reborn.
Gary L, UK.  Massage therapist

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