True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

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Digestion and Menstruation Balanced

I had a session with Suzy because my friends recommended her to me. I've had an unstable health in a long time and was doing a lot for my health already. At the time I met Suzy I had severe problems with my stomach and intestines, bad digestion and I was an easy target for balinese parasites. My feeling of being healthy changed from day to day - I had many ups and downs. Also my menstruation had stopped 6 month before. As I was tired of this ailment because I had already done so much for my health and my nutrition was quite well, too, I kept ignoring those signs.
Without great expectations but just the hope to feel better after the treatment I went to see Suzy. She measured my PH (which showed that something was REALLY wrong with my body) and also totally balanced my body with magnets. Directly after the treatment I was a lot better and stable. With her great and easy health tips I was able to balance my body within two days and gave it what it needed. And the greatest about the treatment: Only 3 days after my period came back again.
Thank you, Suzy!!! 
Cristina Luz, Bali, Indonesia.

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