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True Life Experiences

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Distance Healing on Yorkie Dog results


I have a Yorkkie 8 years old called Max. He becameall of a sudden not responsive and in a lot of pain, his back was arched and he could  hardly walk. I took him in emergency to the vet who told me that he probably had a disk hernia.  He gave him antiinflamatory pills and said the only way to know was to do a scanner and magnetic resonance and then after opérate on him.

I had heard about Suzy Dior and her wonderful work and results with the biomagnet, so I decided to ask for her help and for her to treat my Max.

The treatment was done at distance using my body in place of the dog. I layed down on the massage table, I was representing my dog Max, Suzy holding my feet asked questions and covered the whole anatomy of the body bones muscles organs etc.. in order to find out were the imbalance was. She also asked about emotional feeling and she found out that in the area of the knees my Max had fear stored and also the feeling of guilt.

On my body representing Max she covered my left eyes with magnets and also along the spine and on the knees, practically the feeling was that my whole body was covered with magnets it was a pleasant feeling the session lasted 1 hour.

The next day I could already see the results on the area of the left eyes where he had always problems well he woke up the eyes totally clear and with no need of me having to clean them.

He was hopping and running about without pain and without his back being arched.

3 weeks later I called Suzy and asked or another session as Max back was starting to arch his back again.

Same procedure as before I laid on the table being Max this time she found a Little chest congestion  and lower back and possible kidney imbalance. The session lasted for 1 hour and I felt very relaxed.

The next day the results were 100% Max was running around with his usual energy chasing the cats... I must say how happy  and grateful I am that the magnets exist and that my Little Max doesn´t have to go through an operation which results could paralyze him or be worse on him.



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