True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

Is all insanity spiritual awakening?

After going on a spiritual journey for 3 months and following the unknown path of being in the NOW, ie no plan, no goal, no commercial benefits, and my sanity being in doubt. I came to the part where my friends were the crazy, the homeless, the 'nutters', the unwanted in life. 

I talked with people and found that underlying all the so called mental disorders, the 'home free' people, the street peddlers that the issue was a spiritual one.  It seemed as though they lived in the 'real' world whereas the business people and rushers of life were the crazy ones.

I even had a university lecturer say to me after a conversation that she guessed her students were human as well as being her class.  I told her that they were only humans and nothing else, but sad that business people are treating their class as numbers and not people.

Having drank coffee with numerous people, interviewing them and spending time to listen to their story, it seemed to me that we are all the same, indeed the only difference was the outer coating namely our 'job' which caused a falsely elevated ego to be held up as a front in the person involved. 

Is our work and business getting in the way of our humanity?  Is the need to make small oblong pieces of paper with a picture of a head on it creating separation between fellow people?  From my experience it seemed sometimes so.

Highlights were sharing coffee with a disabled man at a church fete, being given bed and breakfast as a gift by a penniless bed and breakfast owner who shared food and even went on a special shopping trip to accommodate me,  lunch and special ceremony at a budhist retreat in the highlands that  hosted Dalai Lama, sharing life stories with street people and the homeless, and travelling 400 km in Norway in the mountains, hitch hiking that only took 4 hours.

It seemed as though everyone was willing to offer a bed, a meal, clothing, storage, a lift in the car, camping equipment, supergreen drinks, honey, food, almost anything even the paper with a head on it,  money.   Restaurants offered toast, cafes tea and water.    My favourite part was hitching a ride in the outer islands with a group of Vikings heading to Germany.    And sleeping by a log fire with a lovely white dog after dinner with the owners on a deserted island space.

So crazy, mental, insane, I met so many people who could qualify for this status, if we base our understanding of sanity on the world of being organized.  Is sanity just to look tidy, speak directly and walk in a straight line, to go to a box with a computer in it at 8am and leave at 6pm for 40 years and lying down on the same 6 x 4 piece of mattrass for 365 days a year. 

Is that sanity or insanity.  Is insanity walking by the sea, getting in a car with someone who is a friend to be made, sleeping on the couch of a person who has a kind heart that you never knew before.  The last man I spoke to was being evicted because he didn't look tidy enough, now he is scared to be homeless. 

A spiritual retreat who evicted me after 5 days because their medical doctor said I was too shy to be included, yet the same night, I was inquisitioned to get past  massive locked gates as they forgot who they rented their room to, security guards and CCTV,  not even a cup of coffee as a gift seemed the most insane place.  And yet it preached community as its message. 

There is no conclusion or non conclusion expect to say that my belief is we are all on different parts of the same path and at times wander backwards and forwards on the path.  The craziest may be the most free of us all, eccentric the most fun, mental the happiest.  The most sane looking the unhealthiest, the organized the most insane, the loving and kind the most beautiful.

So be nice to those who look the worst, they may need it the most.  Be kind to those who look the craziest and help them on their way with a smile or a coin. You may never know which ones are going to inspire you the most or be your best friend.  Ask their life story and you will find they are just like you!





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