True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

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Long Term Health issues cured in just 3 days

I had a session with Suzy because my friends recommended her to me. I've have had unstable health for a long time and have been trying to get better.   At the time I met Suzy I had severe problems with my stomach and intestines with bad digestion and I was an easy target for parasites. My feeling of being healthy changed from day to day - I had many ups and downs.  Also my menstruation had stopped 6 months before.   I was very tired of these ailments because I had already done so much for my health and my nutrition was quite well, too, I kept ignoring those signs.

Without great expectations but just the hope to feel better after the treatment I went to see Suzy. She measured my PH (which showed that something was REALLY wrong with my body) and also totally balanced my body with magnets and Reiki.   Directly after the treatment I was a lot better and stable.  With her great and easy health tips I was able to balance my body within two days and gave it what it needed. And the greatest about the treatment:  Only 3 days after my period came back again.

Thank you, Suzy!!!   

Cristina Luz


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