True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

Major Surgery avoided for Marj

For over a year I have had two strong health issues undermining my normal energy. 
First a chronic digestive problem Diverticulitis which I was told would need major surgery.
Suzy Dior set about resolving the issues using non-invasive scientifically proven tools and technologies. Having lived with the problems for such a long while I didn’t expect anything to change in a heartbeat. After 3 Bio Magnetic treatments the discomfort, inflammation and bleeding is under control and am feeling 100 times better and have more energy.  Suzy Dior is one incredibly gifted, generous soul who I am grateful has devoted her life to helping sick people get well. 
The second issue of excruciating pain in the balls of my feet, was cleared in one treatment.   The following day much to my delight the pain just wasn’t there anymore!  and it has not reoccurred.
Marj Henry, Cote D'Azur, France

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