True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

Daniel's Story

Daniel came to me with sores all over his body.  One or two were with pus.  He had acquired them while travelling.  They were getting worse and he was worried.  On a visual look it seemed like smallpox.  But I do not diagnose.  We did a very basic, simple assessment with biochemistry and a very simple treatment. We did a full biomagnetic balancing session to eliminate any unwanted organisms.   In two days his skin was totally clear and in 3 days his stomach which had bad diahreaa was better.


Daniel says.........



I come from Sweden and was visiting Sri Lanka.  While there I had strange and itching rashes mostly over my legs.  They kept spreading and grew worse and worse.  I had them around 6-7 days before I  met Suzy.  We did a pH check and saw that the pH was out of balance.  So Suzy helped me correct it to the right levels in less than 12 hours.  After 1-2 days the rashes stopped spreading and stopped itching.  They kind of 'died off'.  thanks a lot Suzy, great, quick and non-toxic healing.  (Smiles!) Daniel.


True stories.  The purpose is to give you hope if you are suffering, inspiration if you are jaded and understand that illness is not what you think it is usually.


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