True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

My distance healing experience

 I would like to thank Suzy for everything she has done for me. I wish her the best and I will without any doubt meet her again for some other treatments in Bali. 
Suzy is one of the best healer I have seen since iam trying to deal with my sleeping problems. First she really tries to know you well which makes the difference between good and normal healers.  Secondly, she is always ready to listen to you and help whenever you need it. If you need to speak or get some complementary information about the treatment or symptoms you have, she will always be here and will answer your question as quick as she can.  She is giving you a lot of advises according to your health disease and always share most of her knowledge with you. After the treatments I had with Suzy, I always felt more light and little by little after six treatments I felt a big difference. I followed her advises and what she found out was just impressive :  I knew some of my symptoms and I had never talked to her about it because I simply forgot. She found them working on a friend s body for me. I have to mention that all my treatments with Suzy has been done at distance. After each treatment she sent a report to me by mail. This is really professional. So definitely I will recommend Suzy to all of those who are reading this. 
Elodie Huertas, 23 yrs old.  Australia


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