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True Life Experiences

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New Detox and Rebalancing retreat

The last couple of weeks I've been travelling around Bali visiting all the spas and retreat locations to find you the best possible option for taking part in a very special detox and rebalancing program designed not only to let the toxins and excess go but also to build up the nutritional deficiencies that may be causing your sickness, so that we can allow the body to get well from it's disease.  

Very important for me was to be in nature near the sea or mountains so that you can breath the negative ions and have fresh air.    Also important was to feel tranquil and rested while being supported by the staff who look after you.  Plus a place where you can get to know the other people on your retreat program and build some lasting relationships and share stories with. 

I feel as though I have looked at every spa, every retreat location in this country now and come up with the final decision where to hold the retreat.  I chose it because it has a feeling of love in it, well cared for, beautiful, all the facilities we need such as swimming pools, sea nearby, yoga studio, meditation room, and separate private housing for people but close enough to visit your neighbour in the morning if you wish to. 

I tested the quality of care with food preparation and juices and it is magnificent!  The owner is the most positive minded person I ever met with good vision and a willing character to give us all the support we need. 

Now at last there is a place where people from around the world can come to in a new way, not just to stop eating for 7 days but to find out what it is you need to drink, eat and do to get well and to detox and rebalance safely in a way that you don't just feel good at the end but you will feel phenomenal! 

I am so pleased I have spent the last 5 years studying, practicing, experiencing and creating this program which you now are able to enjoy.  I welcome you to be there and promise you will feel great at the end and enjoy the process.  By being one of the first to experience these retreats you have the benefit of my personal care and attention and a special price which may not be seen again. 

So go to and find out more about the retreat and the dates. 

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