True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

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Painful bladder stones

A few weeks ago when suffering from pain whenever I had to urinate, many time a day due to blockage because of stones in the bladder, I turned to Suzi Dior for help. She had been recommended to me by a close friend who believes in alternative medicine.  I had two 90 minute sessions in a one week period hoping to find some relief from the pain, before going into hospital to have the stones crushed in a non-invasive surgery, which I about one week later.
After the first session with Ms Dior about 24 hours later the pain was greatly reduced by about 30 to 40 percent, noticeably less painful. Then after the second session about a week or so later, the pain was reduced another large percent to almost none at all.  This made the last days before going into hospital much less unpleasant. 
I am very grateful to Ms Dior and if there is another health problem that might be helped by her therapy I would not hesitate to call upon her again.
Jonathan Lippman, American, Nice, France. August 2013

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