True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

Phenomenal Distance Healing from the other side of the world!


"Whilst chatting Suzy over skype messaging, I mentioned that I had a stiff neck which had lasted over 6 months and had not responded to chiropractic treatment. I'm already a fan of so-called "alternative medicine" having been a patient of ... a naturopath doctor in Spain for some years, but having asked Suzy's opinion on how to erase it, she volunteered distance healing. I had experienced this type of healing when I was in my teens, as my parents were very forward-thinking for the times, so I had a good idea of what to expect. Suzy treated me at the week-end and I was not surprised to find over the subsequent 2-3 days that the aches in my neck actually became worse. This is all part of the shaking-up process when the necessary re-adjustment occurs, so I knew it would only be temporary. Sure enough, by day four I could feel a marked improvement - and by the end of the week there was hardly any stiffness remaining! I decided to have a follow-up treatment which finally knocked it on the head, and it has not returned since then. I am very impressed that this has cleared so totally after putting up with the problem for six months - all credit to Suzy!! She is a talented and dedicated therapist and deserves much credit for her determination to help people find a new way to tackle their physical and emotional problems. Give her a go, I say!!! "
Jill.  Spain

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