True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

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What is distance healing?

Yes it is a slightly unusual subject but one that many people are quietly using for their well being.  Distance Healing and does it work?


I currently do as many distance treatments in a week as I do on people that are present with as good or better results.   Dubai, Spain, UK, Australia in one week with no airfares or travel either by myself or the other person.  Is this the way of the future?  An ecological way of healing that involves no planes or cars and the sick person can be asleep, awake, working or resting. Saving time and money for all. 


Let's see what a couple of people have said this week:


  • Last night I slept really lightly but I felt so relaxed and my mind also. This morning I also felt different really positive and I feel I could concentrate on what I was doing. No headakes today! Laughing out loud  Elodie, Australia


  • For two days after the healing I felt the side effects of things moving but now on the third day my stiff neck which has been causing me pain for a long time has no pain and I can move it fine.  Jill, Spain


If you're interested to find out more go to the distance healing page and contact me for more details on your specific health issues.  Can be emotional, mental, spiritual or physical.  Biomagnetic imbalances occur on all levels. 



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