True Life Experiences

True Life Experiences

May you be Happy!

Why I feel on top of the world!

Often people don't realize when they are not healthy because they have been 'out of balance' for so long that they think it is their normal state.  Many times a few days after treatment a person will say they didn't know it was possible to feel this great.  Because from childhood some people are out of balance all their lives. 

Theodora says this:  After hearing Suzy talk about Biochemistry of the body and pH's and Biomagnetic rebalancing I decided to have mine checked out.  I felt 'good' so WOW was I surprised to see that my balance of the body was not good at all. 

After the treatment the first day I felt very odd and WOW the next day I felt 'ON TOP OF THE WORLD!' and people everywhere were telling me how good and how well I looked.  I highly, highly recommend to have a go and have a healthier life. 


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